Retirement Planning

What is retirement? We have found this concept to be different for everyone. It may be easing into your golden years on a part-time basis, or a change into full retirement. In any case, we help clients find where they want to be. Then, with a solid foundation crafted from our professional knowledge and years of experience, we help our clients realize their hopes and dreams for their retirement years.

Yes, implementation of a solid real-life retirement plan can be technical in nature, requiring a continuing need to manage your resources from year to year. Our dedicated team of Certified Financial Planners™, a Certified Public Accountant and paraplanners will walk alongside you as you transition into this important phase of life.

Our retirement services include:

Comprehensive Retirement Planning
Retirement Analysis
Pension & Rollover Analysis
401(k) Plan Allocation & Monitoring
IRA Planning (Member — Ed Slott's Master Elite IRA Advisor Group℠)
Income Withdrawal Strategy
Social Security Planning

Your Retirement

Good planning and implementation sharpen your retirement edge. We will help you work towards achieving your retirement goals, including the development of a plan for your income needs during retirement. Your chances for success increase greatly when you have the right plan in place. And our use of other resources — collaborations like Ed Slott’s IRA planning strategies — will sharpen your “edge” along the way.

We’ll monitor your plan and stand ready to assist your needs or goals change. Rest assured, our Certified Financial Planners™ and paraplanners will help you during your retirement years, including managing your investments to provide for income exactly when you need it.

Retirement Planning for Businesses

Treat others as you wish to be treated, right? When it comes to retirement plans, business owners are tasked with adhering to that old adage while offering options for employees which they themselves would be happy to have.

Our plans can serve companies with one employee on up to more than 100 employees. It’s about finding the right fit for your company’s situation. From 401(k) plans to SIMPLE IRAs and other qualified retirement plans, our team will help you put a smart, comprehensive plan for your company. Click below to learn more about our services for business owners.

Pension & Rollover Analysis

When consolidation or portability of your accounts is needed, we have all the resources you’ll need. We’ll help you make the best determination and ensure any changes are done to your tax advantage. We’ll also look at which retirement pension best fits any critical needs you may face in retirement. Educated, informed decisions now ware the key to making a positive impact on your retirement years.

Estate Planning

By identifying your various assets, we will work with your attorney and your accountant to help you protect your estate and avoid unnecessary erosion of your assets.

Whether it is will and trusts or taxes and charitable giving, we have professional relationships in place to get you moving in the right direction. While we do not offer legal or tax advice, we work closely with you and your legal and tax professionals to help guide your decision making and ensure you leave the most impactful, lasting legacy possible. Additionally, when it comes time to settle your estate, we will help your surviving spouse and children, as well as your other advisors handle all the paperwork and retitling during such a challenging time.

Capital Needs Planning

Have you heard the rule of thumb that most people should plan for 10 times their income in life insurance to be able to adequately provide for your survivors? Well, the most important question is, “Are you ‘most people’?”

We assess your unique situation to make that determination and help you decide if you already have adequate assets without needing additional life insurance, or if more coverage is needed to provide for your loved ones. Most importantly, we’ll help you find the right amount to keep your estate goals on track, not “most people’s”.

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