Investment Management

We build and manage your investment portfolio for results. Whether your investments are part of your retirement plan, an inheritance, hard-earned savings, or the sale of a business, we’ll help you “custom build” an investment portfolio that fits you best. Then, with our experienced team and investment research resources, we apply our active and passive investment strategies to give you the advantage you expect.

We know investors will likely incur challenging markets and life changes. With a calm but sure hand, we have successfully navigated these waters before, and make it our job to get you to the destination you choose.

Investing is MWM

Investing is definitely one of our strengths. Many of our clients tell us our investment results are different. From our proprietary investment selection metrics to allocating just the right amount of each investment, we work hard to bring you the investment advantage you expect. We understand how important this is, and it’s an essential part of what you pay us to do.

Investment Planning

Reaching your goals begins with your investment portfolio. It’s the key part of building wealth. Matching your financial goals with your overall tolerance for risk is an important part of your initial investment planning session.

Your risk tolerance will help identify the proper path for meeting your investment goals to be sure those important factors are aligned. We’ve been through it all over the years, ranging from extremely volatile or declining markets to times of robust growth. Is time on your side? Or do you need to protect your assets for more immediate income needs?

These all help make it crystal clear which path will lead to a sound investment portfolio for you.

Asset Allocation

While the hottest stock at the moment may be appealing, history tells us about 80% of your return will come from allocation. Balancing risk with reward is an ongoing process that means periodically assessing and adjusting your portfolio’s assets.

Keeping the asset allocation process dynamic is in itself an asset to your portfolio, and a key to reaching your financial goals. As market and economy indicators dictate, we’ll make suggestions for changes that will revise your portfolio to maintain risk-return balance. No matter how you slice it between stocks, bonds, cash and equivalents, asset allocation is one of the most important factors in financial success.

Investment Selection

This is the nuts & bolts of investing. Calling upon various strategies, we identify assets that can be purchased at the right price to provide the right risk-adjusted return.

We maintain internally a list of hundreds of preferred investments offer plenty of options across all asset categories. Our proprietary investment metrics ranking system provides us the tools we need to take advantage of opportunities of great value when they arise. In the mutual fund category alone, our list includes over 800 mutual funds and ETFs across 60 different asset categories to enable us to capitalize on market and economic changes.

Over time, this ongoing process of finding and selecting the right assets helps you stay in control of your investment risks and adds value to your portfolio.

Monitoring & Reporting

Ultimately, it’s simply our job to help you accomplish your financial goals. Accountability and transparency is how we all stay on the same page. We periodically monitor your portfolio and provide investment updates and look to benchmarks for context on your investment results.

These meetings give you a chance to communicate any changes in your personal situation or goals, and they allow us to provide you with updates on any tactical changes we recommend for achieving your investment objectives. Routinely assessing your overall financial situation through open communication means we’re both equipped with what we need to keep you on track and avoid costly mistakes. Monitoring, reporting, assessing, reallocating — it’s all a part of how we can seize opportunity and maximize your portfolio.

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About Compensation

A common question we hear from prospective clients is, “How do you get paid for your investment services?” The simple answer is we are only compensated through an investment adviser fee. In other words, we do better when you do better. Additionally, you pay no investment commissions or custodial charges.

As an independent investment firm, we work only for our clients — we are not driven to sell products or earn commissions. As a Registered Investment Adviser we act as your fiduciary. A fiduciary duty is the highest standard of care, and carries with it a duty to provide prudent advice, to act in our clients’ best interest, and to disclose any conflicts of interest. We have chosen to partner with Charles Schwab & Co. in order to provide custodial services and some of the industry’s leading technology for our clients. We are cost conscious and work diligently to help you minimize your investment and planning expenses.